Fadó - Graduate Project | 2021 


‘Fadó’ is a hand-drawn animation exploring multiple folktales from forests across Europe. It is accompanied by an audio track of people telling me local folktales in their own languages.

This outcome focuses on primary research and collaboration. Folklore is rooted in oral tradition. To replicate this and experience the stories as they would have been throughout history, I collected audio from people telling me folktales. I limited this to European tales revolving around a forest. Almost every story I gathered, I heard for the first time; each was local to the country of origin and told in their native languages. Throughout the animation runs a song recorded for me by Odłam Źdźbło, a performative female quartet interested in folklore and Slavic polyphonic songs.

I built an animation and narrative around the audio, pulling imagery from each tale. In every tradition, we journey around the forest, exiled, looking for riches, encountering magic; telling the same stories. The forest is liminal, enchanted and central to folklore.

Animation is one of the most common ways folktales are told in contemporary society. Through hand-drawn animation, I bring my illustrations to life, keeping an indexical mark but adding movement to the stories.

Visual Development

Zoë McCarthy, 2021